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Our mission is to prevent maternal and neonatal death in childbirth and to treat and prevent gynecologic complications of childbirth in rural Ethiopia.

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Denver doctor returns to Ethiopia to make childbirth safer

As a young girl growing up in rural Ethiopia, Dr. Migs Muldrow helped out at a village health clinic run by her father. Muldrow, who lives in Denver, remembers being struck by how many women died or experienced severe complications while giving birth. Decades later, she’s working with communities in Ethiopia to make labor and delivery safer. Dr. Muldrow is being honored today for her work at the International Women’s Day event in Denver, sponsored by WorldDenver. Listen to the full radio segment here.

Conversations with Together Women Rise

Village Health Partnership is honored to be the May 2023 featured grantee of Together Women Rise, “a powerful community of women and allies dedicated to achieving global gender equality.” Together Women Rise is funding VHP’s Skill Check, Training, and Mentorship Program and our BEMONC training in 2023 and 2024. Read more about how they are supporting VHP and other organizations working towards gender equality. Watch Laury Bowman, Chair of the VHP Board of Directors, and Kaye Wattawa, Development Coordinator, have a conversation with Quinn Hayes of Together Women Rise about Village Health Partnership and its programs: In this video, Laury… Read More »Conversations with Together Women Rise

2021 Audit

Village Health Partnership just underwent an audit for our 2021 financials, and we passed withflying colors! Bill Lajoie, CPA, CFE, of Haynie & Company, generously volunteered his time toconduct the audit and create the audit report, which you can read below. It is aclean audit with no findings of note. Read the Village Health Partnership 2021 Audit

Giving Birth is a Miracle

Giving birth is a miracle. Each and every time a baby presents to the world and takes his or her first breath, it is a guarantee that life goes on. Parents and family members rejoice and make plans for their future with their newest member. But not every baby takes a breath. The World Health Organization (WHO), estimates 1 million newborns die every year from birth asphyxia, the inability to breathe at birth. Without intervention, the baby will die, becoming only a sad memory. Approximately 10% of newborns will need help to breathe. I am working with Village Health Partnership to… Read More »Giving Birth is a Miracle

Good Outcomes In Spite Of Limited Resources

The Mizan Tepi University Teaching Hospital (MTUTH) plays a critical role in the health system of Southwestern Ethiopia. The hospital’s rural catchment area extends into both the Bench Sheko Zone and West Omo Zone along the Sudan border. The facility serves more than 1.8 million people with one obstetrician, two emergency surgeons, and more than fifteen nurse-midwives. Women travel for miles to reach the hospital in hopes of a safer delivery there than they would have at home. We are working in collaboration with the MTUTH and Margo Harrison, MD, MPH from the University of Colorado, to do clinical research… Read More »Good Outcomes In Spite Of Limited Resources

VHP Recognized by Global Water 2020 as a Health Leader and Trailblazer

Global Water 2020 is a three-year advocacy and facilitation initiative designed to accelerate progress toward water access and security for all people in developing countries. The first global baseline assessment of WASH in healthcare facilities was released by the World Health Organization and UNICEF in 2019. Data was gathered from 560,000 healthcare facilities in 125 low- and middle-income countries and the findings were devastating: 2 billion people must rely on healthcare facilities that lack basic water services 1.5 billion people must rely on healthcare facilities without sanitation facilities 45% of healthcare facilities in Least Developed Countries lack basic water services… Read More »VHP Recognized by Global Water 2020 as a Health Leader and Trailblazer

Bachuma Hospital Well Update

Back in 2016, VHP – along with our amazing partners – completed an assessment of 14 health facilities in rural Ethiopia. The findings were eye-opening. All facilities lacked year-round access to clean water, most facilities had stick and mud latrines,  most instruments lacked proper sterilization, all facilities lacked working hand washing stations, and many lacked critical medical supplies. These health facilities became deadly for patients and providers alike. We could no longer ignore the connection between WASH and maternal health. Access to clean water and sanitation is absolutely essential to providing safe healthcare. These findings led to the creation of… Read More »Bachuma Hospital Well Update

Help Us Build a Well at Bachuma Hospital

The Bachuma hospital’s construction was completed roughly three years ago, however, it has yet to open due to an inadequate water supply. Due to this shortage, the hospital is unable to provide comprehensive care to the surrounding communities. VHP is committed to raising funds to construct a well and assisting in the installation. Challenge The Bachuma hospital, located in the Bench Maji Zone in South Western Ethiopia, serves Bachuma, the surrounding communities, and local villages. Its construction was completed roughly three years ago, however, it has yet to open due to an inadequate water supply. While complete services cannot be… Read More »Help Us Build a Well at Bachuma Hospital