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Education and Training

As the demand for Maternal Healthcare rises, so too does the need for trained professionals.

In remote health centers and hospitals, nurses, nurse-midwives, and health officers deliver babies.

These medical providers are also in short supply and often poorly trained.

In 2016, VHP beta tested a model for educating all health center providers in neonatal resuscitation and obstetric care.

Through our Skill-Building for Rural Health Care Providers Program, we have trained 120 nurse-midwives and 260 providers. 

While implementing these programs, we found a severe shortage of nurse midwives, leading us to create a Nurse-Midwife Scholarship Program. Through this program, we have graduated seven nurse midwives, and ten are in training.

Our training programs aim to build a strong and confident rural workforce that is fully equipped to provide skilled assistance at the time of delivery.

Healthcare workers educated by year chart
Master Trainers educated by year chart
Nurse Midwife Scholarships by year chart

With your help, we will reach our 2025 goals.

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