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Ethiopia Nurse Midwife Program:

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The VHP – Ethiopia Nurse Midwife Program: An Analysis of Test Scores, 2021 – 2023 (with implications for mentoring) by Peter Van Arsdale, VHP (Executive Summary, December, 2023) Introduction: As noted in the Village Health Partnership (VHP) October, 2021, trip report, a number of nurse midwives (NMWs) in the remote Suri region of s.w. Ethiopia’s West Omo Zone (WOZ) were not passing the most basic skill checks.  Others also were struggling.  Five from Suri were sent to the Mizan Tepi University Teaching Hospital (MTUTH) for training, but failed the certification test.  At that time, in consultation with our MTUTH colleague… Read More »Ethiopia Nurse Midwife Program: